• $ 35.00

Natural  Unprocessed  Curly Raw Human Hair, shipped from the USA, and directly to your door in the Caribbean. This is  a luxury product from  Ellen.V . Each bundle is hand inspected for quality and consistency. The hair is designed to withstand the hot and humid conditions of the Caribbean. It is important to us you receive a quality product, that feels good, most importantly makes you look good. 


Ellen. V s a black owned business that offers hair that is  ready to wash and does not tangle. The entire product range gives stylish look to the  We offer the entire product range in different strand lengths and are delivered in well-defined time frame. Moreover, we offer them at most affordable rates.


How the hair is processed  

(1)High density stich, 22 needles / per inch, making the hair stronger and no shedding. 

(2)  ≧120℃ steam sterilization, making your hair cleaner and more healthy.

(3)  Soakings the hair in Plant Botanical Oil up to 3 hours nourish and strengthen your hair.

(4) 7 times minerals free washing.a new method make the hair tangle free and smooth. 

(5)  18% amino supplementing, repairing the haire quality of the harm. 


Return Policy 

We  accept all returns  within 10 days  of receiving. As long is the hair is unused or damaged returns are permitted.    

Note:Price is per bundle